The Struts

Dancing in the Street

The Struts updated the American Pop Anthem "Dancing in the Street" just in time for Summer. In partnership with Dodge, we took over a sleepy suburb and stopped traffic with flashy cars and killer dance moves.  

Body Talks celebrates the collaboration between the British rock band, The Struts, and Kesha... and turns it up to 11. For inspiration, Director Lagan Sebert imagined what it would look like if Andy Warhol directed a Rolling Stones video circa 1974 with an extra dose of tongue-in-cheek sexual innuendo. The vintage look is completed with a square aspect-ratio (which also happens to be super Instagram-friendly). And the foot-stomping rock beat informs the fast-paced edit with split-screens, checkerboard patterns, and an army of cloned rockers to top it all off.

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