Introducing Production Without Boundaries

Your stories are no longer limited by geography. Hometeam works as creative problem solvers powered by a curated global network of top-tier filmmakers ready, willing, and able to  capture your story wherever it lives.

Our clients span categories and channels .
For each, we make the impossible, possible.



What you choose to create with Hometeam is for your imagination to decide.


The Voice

32 Home Follows - Seasons 19,  20 & 21


Hometeam  remotely conducted our nationwide network of top-tier filmmakers to safely shoot 32 doc-style Home Follows across 25 states without ever needing to travel crew.

Walmart Homecoming

Branded Content Series

Walmart - 2022 Clio Winner

We followed Chance the Rapper, Imagine Dragons, and Kane Brown as they reconnected with their favorite high school teachers to say thank you and give advice to kids heading back to school.


Google News Initiative

Global Content Series 


We're working with Google on an ongoing global content series about their Google News Initiative. From India to New Orleans, Sao Paolo to Boston, each case study highlights ways the GNI supports news organizations to more effectively support communities with effective journalism.

American Song Contest

Contestant Packages Across 56 U.S. States & Territories


For NBC's new primetime music competition series,  Hometeam shot all contest packages across 50 U.S. states and 6 territories to bring hometown flavor to a nationwide competition. 



Remote B-Roll in 4 Cities 


For the seasons 2 and 3 of HBO's hit dance competition series, Hometeam crews shot stylish dance sequences with over 20 contestants in four cities across two days. 

Zero In

Branded Content Series

LG & Ubisoft

For the 2020 holiday season, we produced and remotely-directed a series of branded content for LG and Ubisoft. Hometeam crews in three cities - across two countries - profiled three A-List celebrity talent. We also handled all post-production, cutdowns, and finishing. 


NFL Thanks Vets

Branded Content Series 

Verizon X NFL

Hometeam remotely conducted our nationwide network of top-tier filmmakers to shoot and edit four quick-turnaround mini-documentaries with NFL stars thanking veterans for their service on Veterans Day 2021.

Young Together

Broadcast TV Commercial

Google Android

This broadcast commercial spot for Google Android sourced user-generated style content from our global network of Hometeam filmmakers located in 14 countries.


Brand Moments

Launch Video


This brand spot for Instagram combines images sourced from social with original content shot by our Hometeam filmmakers in the U.S., Rio de Janiero, and Singapore. 

Google Meet

Commercial shot around the world


To roll out Google’s video chat app, we produced a global story about families and friends connecting during the pandemic.


America Is All In

60 Broadcast Spot

America Is All In Coalition X Deutsch NY

This 60-second TV spot - produced and shot by Hometeam across 9 cities -  brings together Business Leaders, Elected Leaders, Faith Leaders, and Celebrities to find common cause in tackling climate change.

Trillions of Questions...

Feature Documentary - 90M views


We worked with Google to make a movie about how search works. To illustrate how technology empowers lives aropund the world, we shot b-roll and captured photography across North America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. 


Meet Me at Starbucks

Broadcast TV Commercial


For Starbucks' first global campaign, we created a brand film shot in 59 Starbucks in 28 countries on a single day.  Plus five mini-docs shot by local filmmakers throughout the U.S.


Meet Your Global Crew

The Right Team Wherever You Need Them

We’ve curated the most capable production teams in every market so they’re ready, willing, and able to capture content wherever your story lives. It's not just their talent or their pro gear... it's their experience, creativity, attitude, and professionalism. We know most of our filmmakers personally, have worked with them in the field, and consider them the best and brightest.


A curated global network of over 500 filmmakers.

Covering every US State and 150 countries.

Only the best make the cut.

Meet the Hometeam

We've curated a global community of the best and brightest to lead your production at a local level.


Our Approach

The new world of content requires a new production approach. We've built a streamlined and flexible approach, executed globally on a local level, to unlock new stories and move production forward into a new age of creative possibility.


A Curated Global Network

We have curated highly-capable teams in major cities from coast-to-coast and around the globe. We can remote stream a Director to guide a local crew, or conduct autonomous shoots remotely with livestream monitoring.


Years of Experience

We’ve been taking a distributed approach to production for the past 10 years. From pre-production thru post, we tap cloud-based tools, next-gen talent, and our hard-earned experience to remotely create content.


Successful Campaigns

We're not newbies to remote production. With our distributed approach to production, we have successfully created original content for well-known channels (NBC, HBO) major global brands (Google, Starbucks, LG) and agencies (Ogilvy, McCann, 72andSunny) and shown them what's possible.


Innovative Approach

We are a team of creative problem solvers. Working with our clients, we design a production approach to fit a project’s brief, budget, and constraints. We employ new tools. New processes. New Talent. We get most excited when we’re doing what’s never been done before.

A More Efficient Production Model

The Old Way


The Hometeam Way


Meet the Hometeam "HQ"

Nobody has seen it all, but we come pretty damn close.


Hometeam started in 2020 as a partnership between Co.MISSION Content Group and Magic Seed Productions. In a moment of uncertainty for our industry, we saw an opportunity to reimagine what's possible. Our production companies united to bring together 10+ years of remote production experience and offer a vastly improved approach to production on a global scale.

Our projects are led with a no-ego, producer-driven model to support our world class filmmaker network. Our experienced team of EPs and Producers thrive on complexity. We  join our clients as creative partners to understand the goals and constraints of each project and then map out the smartest approach.

Once our clients see what we do and how we do it, we quickly become their go-to for a wide variety of content needs.


Brandon Bloch
Founding Partner & CEO
Austin, TX

Brandon spent the first decade of his career as a globe-trotting DP and Director. Now he's bringing that first-hand experience - combined with his passion for entrepreneurship - to create a better approach to production.


Harrison Winter
Founding Partner & COO
Prague, Czech Republic

An entrepreneur and creative at heart, Harrison came up at ad agencies and brands before experiencing all levels of filmmaking as an EP, Director, and Editor. He now handles the business of the business.


Lagan Sebert
Founding Partner & Chief Content Officer
Nashville, TN

With a background in journalism, music, development, and independent filmmaking, Lagan loves the process of bringing ideas to reality. With years of hands-on experience on the crew side, Lagan is the engine and spirit behind our productions.


Amanda Riley
EP, Director of Production
Chicago, IL

Amanda takes a drama-free approach to producing complex projects that was forged during years as an agency-side production lead.


Jason Oppliger
EP, Creative Development
Los Angeles, CA

Jason is a whole-brained producer who can come up with the big creative idea and figure out the smartest way to make it happen.


Dan Tundis
EP, Director of Post-Production
Los Angeles, CA

Dan is the mad scientist who taps leading edge cloud-based tech to seamlessly bring together a global team of post-production talent.


Jen Brown
Senior Producer
Austin, TX

Jen passion for storytelling is matched only by her deep experience producing commercials, branded content, and feature docs. 


Harley Pace-Rodriguez
Associate Producer
New York, NY

Harley taps into her lifelong passion for music and creative expression to understand what our clients and crews need to make great content.


Sandra Sampayo
Entertainment Development Executive
Nashville, TN

Sandra brings her vast experience as an executive and producer on the network side (MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1) along with her creative eye to Hometeam.  Now she's focused on waving the Hometeam banner in the entertainment space.


Kelly Ferraro
Head of Growth
Austin, TX

Kelly brings her years of experience at agencies (Ogilvy, Anomaly) and brands (Facebook) to introduce the creative potential of Hometeam to our clients and grow our filmmaker community.


Jack Reed
Commercial Rep (Southeast/TX)
Dallas, TX

Jack is tapping his deep agency network to introduce Hometeam to a broad range of clients interested in telling bigger stories.


Join Our Team
Want to improve production together?
Drop us a line.

We're always excited to meet filmmakers, directors, producers, editors and anyone else who's inspired by our mission to change production for the better.


Our clients are TV networks, production companies, ad agencies, brands, and music labels.
Here's how we join them as creative production partners to bring their vision to life.



Shape the Approach

Working with our clients, our Hometeam Creative Producers will absorb the goals of the campaign, subject stories, locations and production constraints and then shape a creative approach to capture content in the most efficient way with the right Hometeam crews and filmmaking tools.



Curate the Crew

Based on your creative, your subjects and their locations, our producers will search our network of Hometeam filmmakers to locate the best-suited crews to capture content locally on time and within budget… each with consistent gear, styles, and levels of experience.



Create the Shoot Playbook

In pre-production, our Producers will conduct subject pre-interviews and create shooter Playbooks - storyboards, style guides, camera specs and extensive shot lists - which will guide our local Hometeam filmmakers.



Execute Remotely

Without the need to travel, our local Hometeam filmmakers will capture subject stories. Crews will follow our Playbook and key interviews will be conducted in-person or remotely by a director. Whether a client wants to monitor every shot, or just conduct a remote interview, we’ll provide a remote video village to tune in.



Footage Delivery
& Hometeam Post

All crews will work with similar or same cameras and follow exact shooting specs to capture consistent quality of footage. We coordinate with your post team to ensure that files will be meticulously organized and delivered by hard drive in a timely manner.

If you'd like us to handle editorial, we've built Hometeam Post-Production to bring together a global network of best-in-class post production pros to bring your deliverables across the finish line.

We're happy to help. Just holler!

Reach out to our leadership team directly and let's set up a video chat.


Worldwide via Austin, Nashville, LA & NYC

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