Introducing Storytelling Without Boundaries

Your stories are no longer limited by geography. Hometeam works as creative problem solvers powered by a curated global network of top-tier filmmakers ready, willing, and able to  capture your story wherever it lives.


Meet Your Global Crew

The Right Team Wherever You Need Them

We’ve curated the most capable production teams in every market so they’re ready, willing, and able to capture content wherever your story lives. It's not just their talent or their pro gear... it's their experience, creativity, attitude, and professionalism. We know most of our filmmakers personally, have worked with them in the field, and consider them the best and brightest.


A curated global network of over 750 filmmakers.

Covering every US State and 150 countries.

Only the best make the cut.

Meet the Hometeam

We've curated a global community of the best and brightest to lead your production at a local level.


Our Approach

The new world of content requires a new production approach. We've built a streamlined and flexible approach, executed globally on a local level, to unlock new stories and move production forward into a new age of creative possibility.


A Curated Global Network

We have curated highly-capable teams in major cities from coast-to-coast and around the globe. We can remote stream a Director to guide a local crew, or conduct autonomous shoots remotely with livestream monitoring.


Years of Experience

We’ve been taking a distributed approach to production for the past 10 years. From pre-production thru post, we tap cloud-based tools, next-gen talent, and our hard-earned experience to remotely create content.


Successful Campaigns

We're not newbies to remote production. With our distributed approach to production, we have successfully created original content for well-known channels (NBC, HBO) major global brands (Google, Starbucks, LG) and agencies (Ogilvy, McCann, 72andSunny) and shown them what's possible.


Innovative Approach

We are a team of creative problem solvers. Working with our clients, we design a production approach to fit a project’s brief, budget, and constraints. We employ new tools. New processes. New Talent. We get most excited when we’re doing what’s never been done before.

A More Efficient Production Model

The Old Way


The Hometeam Way



Our clients are TV networks, production companies, ad agencies, brands, and music labels.
Here's how we join them as creative production partners to bring their vision to life.



Shape the Approach

Working with our clients, our Hometeam Creative Producers will absorb the goals of the campaign, subject stories, locations and production constraints and then shape a creative approach to capture content in the most efficient way with the right Hometeam crews and filmmaking tools.



Curate the Crew

Based on your creative, your subjects and their locations, our producers will search our network of Hometeam filmmakers to locate the best-suited crews to capture content locally on time and within budget… each with consistent gear, styles, and levels of experience.



Create the Shoot Playbook

In pre-production, our Producers will conduct subject pre-interviews and create shooter Playbooks - storyboards, style guides, camera specs and extensive shot lists - which will guide our local Hometeam filmmakers.



Execute Remotely

Without the need to travel, our local Hometeam filmmakers will capture subject stories. Crews will follow our Playbook and key interviews will be conducted in-person or remotely by a director. Whether a client wants to monitor every shot, or just conduct a remote interview, we’ll provide a remote video village to tune in.



Footage Delivery
& Hometeam Post

All crews will work with similar or same cameras and follow exact shooting specs to capture consistent quality of footage. We coordinate with your post team to ensure that files will be meticulously organized and delivered by hard drive in a timely manner.

If you'd like us to handle editorial, we've built Hometeam Post-Production to bring together a global network of best-in-class post production pros to bring your deliverables across the finish line.

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