Our core mission is to change how production is done, for the better.

Hometeam was started with a question: Isn’t there a better way? We ask ourselves this question every day, at every step in the video production process, with the goal of transforming our industry towards a more human future. What does the future of production look like? Join with us as we blaze the trail.


Treating Crews Right

As former crew members ourselves with plenty of horror stories to swap, we believe that crew must be treated right. They must be paid well, looked out for, and not driven into the ground. In short, they need to be treated like humans. Protecting our crew's health and well-being, and giving them what they need on set, leads to a better production experience for all… and ultimately better work for our clients. We can all win if we look out for each other. Good people working with good people leads to quality work. And a sustainable existence. And a happier life. Why not?


Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity, inclusion, and equity aren’t just boxes to check, they’re pillars of better storytelling and a healthier, richer, and more robust industry. Hometeam weaves together a global community of filmmakers from all ethnicities, genders, beliefs, and cultural backgrounds whose perspective leads to more authentic storytelling and a broadening of voices.

Hometeam is proud to join and support Free The Work to foster current and future filmmaking talent from all walks of life in all corners of the globe.


Right-Sized Video Production

Call it “horses for courses” or “built for the budget” or “don’t bring a tank to a knife fight”, whatever you call it, we’re building a more streamlined approach. We’re producers and creatives that have no patience for inefficiency and antiquated systems, so we know that throwing a massive crew at every problem isn’t the answer. We’re limber and nimble and know how to put every ounce of budget and energy up on the screen. We work with our clients to strategize the right approach that maximizes quality and minimizes waste - of time, of budget, of carbon footprint… and pay attention to the crew experience at every step of the way.


Lower Carbon Impact

Every production is a chance to make a positive environmental impact. By working locally, our model is inherently carbon efficient and cuts down dramatically on airplane emissions, gear damage, materials shipping, and other travel waste.

We are doing all we can to create a more carbon friendly approach to production, and are proud to be an official member of Green the Bid.


Lean Into Local

Flying a bunch of folks halfway around the world to get something “authentic” feels just a bit outdated. Our unrivaled network of global filmmakers know their homes better than any tourist ever could. Local crews help us discover the best locations off the beaten path. Local crews know their cultural ins and outs better than any visitor could. They know local support crew and the right places to rent gear. Working with local crews supports local economies. And ultimately, it leads to the richer, more authentic storytelling that audiences love.

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