Verizon - Network Test Force

Multi-City Branded Content Series

Filmed in: Chicago, IL and Miami, Everglades, FL

Verizon is making their coverage better and wider - in spots (and ways) you wouldn’t expect. To show this, Verizon tapped Hometeam to produce and direct a nationwide campaign called Network Test Force.

The social campaign takes viewers to the most unexpected and unique places in the United States like the world’s largest corn maze in Spring Grove, Illinois, The Florida Everglades, and Grant Park. In each location, Test Force engineers pull real-time signals to show that Verizon’s 5G network coverage really is everywhere.

A Nimble Approach No Matter Where We Are

For this project, we tailored our approach to have a light footprint so we could move quickly and efficiently to capture the best footage possible, whether we were trekking through the grasslands or filming from the top of Willis Tower. Though the teams were smaller, we worked with our favorite local filmmakers to ensure the end-result was still high quality.

Thank you to our teams in Chicago, Miami, and Indianapolis! 

Also, a big thank you to all of the locations where we filmed:

  • The Everglades National Park
  • Willis Tower
  • Grant Park
  • Soldier Field
  • Richardson’s Corn Maze
  • Port of Miami
  • Hard Rock Stadium
  • The Everglade National Park
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Behind the Scenes


Hometeam HQ:

EP, Creative, Director of Production: Jason Oppliger
Supervising Producer: Zach MacDonald
EP, Head of Production: Amanda Riley
EP, Director of Post Production: Dan Tundis

Chicago Local Crew:

Production Manager: Moira Begale
Director of Photography: Steve Delahoyde
Camera Operator: Todd Tue
Location Manager: Jennie Frake
Gaffer: Geoffrey Fingerhut
AC: Michael Pavlisan
AC: Doug Birch
Sound Op: Derek Hanson
DIT: Henrikaa
HMU: Briette Madrid
PA: Collin Rita
PA: Jessik Therien
PA: Walter James Geraghty
PA: Nathan Jansen

Indianapolis Local Crew:

Production Manager: Jake Huber
Director of Photography: Joe Sailer
AC: Adam Oppenheim
Gaffer: Adam Rockhill
Grip: Carter Hoffman
Audio Op: Tim Munger
HMU: Ja'Twon Henderson
PA: Zach Mahone
PA: Lydia Kemp

Miami Local Crew:

Production Manager: Iris Mendez
Director of Photography: Derrick Nevot
Assistant Director: David Moida
A Cam Operator: Adolfo Ferro
B Cam Operator: JC Millán 
Production Coordinator: Jorge Texidor
1st AC: Davin Duran
DIT: Kevin Garcia
Sound Op: Chris Nickless
HMU: Marlene Castro
HMU: Scharon Isse
PA: Euri Papadopoulos
PA: Carlos Santander
PA: Mariana Pezzuto

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