Cody Jinks - Outlaws and Mustangs

Music Video

Filmed in: Dallas, TX

We were tapped by Texas singer-songwriter, Cody Jinks to produce a new music video for his single "Outlaws and Mustangs." Erica Silverman wrote and directed the video which tells a three  generation story starring Cody Jinks acting alongside his father and daughter, as well as actors.

Throughout the video we watch as we see a younger version of Cody (played by Josh King) struggle to make it in music, fall in love, have a family, and then we see Cody's daughter carry on the outlaw tradition and hit the road before eventually coming back home.

Erica and DP, Evan Burns play with aspect ratios, filming the flashbacks in vertical format on anamorphic lenses, while the modern footage is in widescreen. The video drips with Erica's signature filmic style and emotional visuals that are all at once,  gritty and beautiful.

Behind the Scenes



Head of Production: Amanda Riley
Founding Partner: Lagan Sebert
Director: Erica Silverman
Producer: Caitlyn Birdsong
Director of Photography: Evan Burns
AC: Sean Miller
Gaffer: Andrew Davis
Key Grip: Josh Cantwell
Art Director: Randy Marsrow
HMU: Ashley Parker
Stylist: Crespatrick de los Reyes
PA: Michael Posey
PA: Blaine Stricklin
PA: Ben Wiggins

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