NBC - American Song Contest

Contestant Packages - Network TV Series

Shot in:
All 50 U.S. States & 6 Territories

For NBC's new primetime music competition show, American Song Contest - a U.S. reboot of Eurovision - the show features a musical artist from every U.S. state and territory.

NBC approached Hometeam to help bring each contestant's story to life - and add hometown flavor and visuals from across our diverse country. 

Working with local Hometeam crews in every U.S. state and territory, we were able to remotely film and shoot all packages in a compressed two month timeline - leaning into local filmmaker talent and their state know-how - without ever needing to travel crews.

Orchestrating 56 Shoots Across the U.S.

Our Hometeam Producers curated and onboarded our best-suited Hometeam crews. Working with American Song Contest Executive Producers, we created a Playbook to guide each crew with consistent gear and style specs. On our shoot days, our experienced doc-style crews filmed high-quality vignettes with each contestant, guided by their storytelling instincts along with NBC Producer shot lists, remote monitoring and directing. All footage was captured and organized in a uniform way and hard drives were sent overnight to NBC post production. 



American Song Contest flexed the might of the Hometeam network in all 50 U.S. states and 6 territories. By working with local crews, we not only passed timeline and budget efficiencies on to NBC... But we also tapped the local know-how of crews who knew their locales and state culture better than any outside crew ever could. Our Hometeam crews brought their hometown pride to each shoot.



Creating a premium, broadcast quality look for a primetime network show, like American Song Contest, is what we do. We've spent the past ten years scouting and curating the top filmmakers in every U.S. state so NBC was sure they were working with the best. The look and feel of American Song Contest blends a homegrown, local flavor with a cinematic, docustyle quality.


NBC "American Song Contest"

NBC Exec Producers

Teddy Valenti, Kyra Thompson, Amanda Zucker

Hometeam EPs

Lagan Sebert, Harrison Winter, Brandon Bloch

Hometeam Producers

Amanda Riley, Harley Pace-Rodriguez, Alexis Anderson

56 Hometeam Crews

Available Upon Request

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