Zero In

LG x Ubisoft - Branded Series

Shot in:
San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto

For the 2020 holiday season, we produced and remotely-directed a series of branded content for LG and Ubisoft. Hometeam crews in three cities - across two countries - profiled three A-List celebrity talent and their love for gaming.

Agency and client were able to tune in and monitor every shot during production. We also handled all post-production, motion graphics, cutdowns, and finishing. 


Remote Directing & Video Village

Our Director, Brandon Bloch - based in Austin - developed detailed shooting plans to guide crews in San Francisco, LA, and Toronto. Talent was directed remotely and agency and client tuned in to view the realtime feed and offer feedback on video chat. The whole process was seamless with our director feeling he was teleported to three cities in three consecutive shoot days from the safety of his home.


Nimble, Talented Crews in Three Cities

We built three duplicate crews in San Francisco, LA, and Toronto - same size, same level of experience in doc-style branded content. Each shot with the same cameras and similar lenses to maintain the look and feel of the campaign across three cities. Footage was sent overnight to our post team to edit it together into the four videos - and cutdowns - in time for the 2020 holiday season release.


LG X Ubisoft

Series Director

Brandon Bloch



Series Producer

Melissa Daniels

Production Partner

Solis Collective

Series EPs

Lagan Sebert & Brandon Bloch

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