Trillions of Questions

Google - Feature Length Documentary

Shot by Local Crews in:

Austin, NYC, Nova Scotia, Rio de Janeiro, Bucharest, Ireland, Johannesburg, Tzaneen, Istanbul, Kathmandu, The Philippines, Beijing

When Google set out to create a thought-provoking feature doc about search and its impact on the world, they needed to capture slice-of-life moments to help illustrate the many ways that technology affects peoples' lives.

We brought together a dozen crews to remotely shoot over 100 hours of b-roll - and still photos - in their local areas in a single week. The footage we delivered helped to show the scope that Google technology has had in reshaping day-to-day life on a global scale.

The Hometeam Model at its Best

How do you shoot b-roll in 12 cities, across every continent, in a single week? By tapping some of our favorite filmmakers around the globe, we were not only able to ultilize their filmmaking talent, but also their intimiate knowledge of the best people and places to film in their local areas.


12 Cities. 5 Continents. 1 Week.

Hometeam unites the most talented crews around the world to tell stories on a global scale. For a major global brand like Google, their technology has impacted everyone's lives from villages in Africa to cities in Asia. Our teams were able to capture video and photo content to help tell that story.


Invaluable Local Knowledge

By tapping local crews, we were also able to leverage their intimate familarity with the peoples and places of their cities and towns. Need shots of the best vista in Rio? How about the most authentic BBQ in Lockhart, TX? Our crews know these places like the back of their hands.




Harrison Winter

12 Crews

Available Upon Request
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