Chasing Rainbows

Big Freedia x Kesha - Warner Music Group

It's rare that we get a chance to make something so relevant and timely as this music video for the Big Freedia and Kesha’s collaboration, “Chasing Rainbows.” This video – directed by Magic Seed's Lagan Sebert and Jonah Best – illustrated the song’s themes in vivid color with memorable set pieces and stylish visual effects.

No matter how dark it seems we will never forget that a rainbow comes after a storm. We will continue to chase rainbows until all humans are created equal.


"Now I pray for all my rivals / Used to fight cuz they always call me sissy / Ma was like don't you ever let em hit me / And the church always want to judge me / But I know that god is the only one above me."

— Big Freedia

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