Google News Initiative

Global Branded Series

Shot in:
São Paulo, New Orleans, Boston, New Delhi (with more to come)

The Google News Initiative helps local news organizations around the world advance their journalism through training, resources, and funding.

Hometeam was tapped by agency Snowday to film a series of short documentaries across multiple cities and continents. Each docu-style story brings to life the ways the GNI is making an impact at a local level.


Working with the Right Teams in the Right Locations

Whether the story lives in Sao Paolo, New Orleans, New Delhi, or Mexico City, Hometeam represents the best local filmmaking talent around the globe. Our teams are hand-picked not just for their filmmaking talent but also for their storytelling ability and skill with less tangible things like interacting with subjects.


Directing Crews & Conducting Interviews Remotely

When it comes to directing remote teams halfway across the globe - to capture compelling stories with consistent high-quality - that's where technology comes in. We livestream the footage being shot so client can monitor on the shoot day. And the subject interviews are also conducted remotely as if you're sitting across from the subject without the need, cost, and time it takes to travel to locations.





Series EPs

Lagan Sebert, Amanda Riley

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