Fontana School District

Empowered :60 Video

We got the chance to film the “We’re Empowered” campaign for the Fontana School District. We loved the collaborative relationship with the students, they weren’t just subjects in front of the lens, but also played a valuable role behind the lens.

Their talent, curiosity, and dedication to the subject prove that they’re the future of filmmaking.  Read about their experience in a local news article about the project HERE.   We love every chance we get to mentor the next generation of filmmakers.

"Getting to work with these student filmmakers has been an amazing opportunity for me to really think about how I approach my own work. And for the students, they’re getting a master class on how a production functions and they can see what they might be interested in doing. I didn’t get to see a set like this until I was already a working director. If young Me would have had experience on set like this: it would have given me an amazing leg up."

— Director Michael Marantz

Behind the scenes from our production for The Fontana School District. It was a joy getting to know & collaborate with the talented students who we worked with in front of and behind the lens. Cheers to the next generation of filmmakers! The future is looking bright 🎥 . Thank you to all the students, teachers, and crew who made this happen!

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