America Is All In

America Is All In Coalition - Deutsch NY

12 shoots in 9 cities across the U.S.

Hometeam was honored to work with Deutsch NY & Director Michael Marantz to create a 60-second TV commercial for the America is All In Coalition pushing for bold action to tackle climate change.  

The ad showcases the robust and diverse coalition of individuals, leaders, businesses, institutions, and celebrities who are committed to going all in on climate change and symbolizes America's readiness for bold action at this crucial time.  The 60-second TV spot aired in beltway markets on news channels MSNBC, CNN and FOX to reach that important audience.  

Man on a farm with a cowboy hat being filmed by a professional video production crew.

Consistent Style Across All 12 Shoots

Working with director Michael Marantz, Hometeam producers executed a consistent cinematic yet nimble style across all 12 shoots allowing the talent's important message to shine through. 


Our Commitment to Greener Production

As part of Hometeam's commitment to green production we minimized the carbon footprint of this production by working with our best-in-class local crews and state of the art monitoring technology to minimize air travel and lower carbon emissions.


America Is All In Coalition



Michael Marantz


Deutsch NY


Hometeam EPs

Harrison Winter & Brandon Bloch

Hometeam Producers

Lagan Sebert & Miranda Kahn


Local DPs

Available Upon Request

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