We believe that production can be changed for the better.  But that the baby shouldn’t be thrown out with the bathwater.  What remains true today is that production is a partnership, not a transaction.  Experience, relationships and collaboration matter. Creativity, quality and authenticity reign supreme.  And whether you’re filming with an Alexa or an iPhone, both can be powerful in the right hands or worthless in the wrong ones.  We exist to expand the types of stories that can be told.  On a global, local and national level. To unlock new creative possibilities and to impact culture.  But we also exist to streamline the production process with expertise and the latest technologies, so that more time, attention and budget can be put towards the things that have the greatest impact in front of the camera.  We also believe with equal conviction that crew members are not disposable…that they deserve to be paid well, looked out for, and not ridden into the ground.  And we at Hometeam are excited to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion become standard pillars in our industry.  Our role is to also scout and mentor the next generation of filmmakers and crew members, from all walks of life and all corners of the globe.  Every production is a chance to do our part for sustainability and the environmental health of our planet, because our remote model is helping to lead the way as a member of Green The Bid. 



We unlock new creative possibilities, impact culture and expand the types of stories that can be told.  Powered by our global network of top-tier filmmakers across 150+ countries, a secret sauce process and our expert staff, together we make the impossible, possible.  What can be created with our model is only limited by the imagation (yours and ours).



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Our best client relationships are ongoing collaborations and they'll tell you that our superpowers are our ego-less approach to collaboration, our taste and eye for creative talent across every US state and 150+ countries and our ability to lead the way with our secret sauce process that has been battle tested over the past decade. 


Nobody has seen it all, but we come pretty damn close.  We've been running this production model for over ten years and Hometeam was founded by three filmmakers who are still in it for the love of the craft.  As a company, we remain entirely independently owned and operated.  Our full time staff of production experts drive consistency and best practices across everything we do.  And our highly curated global network of filmmakers across every US state and 150+ countries are the best of the best.


Hometeam is independently owned and operated.  Our founders and staff work remotely, based in Austin, Nashville, LA, NYC, Chicago, Sao Paulo & Prague.  Our global reach is powered by a highly curated global network of top-tier filmmakers across every US state and 150+ countries.

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