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Hometeam Attends AICP Week 2024

June 14, 2024
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Hometeam was at AICP Week 2024 in NYC this month and we had a blast taking it all in. We attended panels, networking events, and screenings, and of course, it all culminated in Producer Prom at the MoMA, where we got to hang with all our production besties. We also had a great time at Rotholz Reps Pre-Gala Happy Hour which Hometeam co-sponsored. It was a nice opportunity to reconnect with our clients, directors, and collaborators on a beautiful NYC day.

There was plenty to gain and learn from the week’s festivities, and we’re glad to have had a presence there. Keep reading for our biggest takeaways!

Base Camp

Matthew Miller -  President & CEO of the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP)
Jeremy Boxer - Curator and Filmmaker, Scott Belsky - Chief Strategy Officer, Executive Vice President of Design & Emerging Products at Adobe

We kicked off the week at the two-day AICP Base Camp. Day one was packed, and we were thrilled to see a great turn out and excitement around the line-up of events. 

The first day, focused on education and information in the rapidly changing space of Generative AI. We dove right in, and kicked off the day with a panel called “Lawyers on the Clock” in which lawyers advised on 15 pressing issues in the industry. It’s no surprise that many of these topics were about AI. 

The biggest takeaway we walked away with from this panel, was an understanding of some of the legal guardrails being put up to prevent AI from being used in ways that are detrimental to talent, creators, and our industry at large. 

We also walked away from this panel with a strong piece of advice, urged to the audience: Be up front and transparent in all conversations and contracts with agencies, clients, and talent about how you will be using AI over the course of a project. For instance, if you’re using AI tools to develop shooting boards, treatments, etc. you should plan to have a conversation with the agency about what proprietary client info, if any, can be inputted into AI. 

As we dive into our summer productions, we’ll continue to think carefully and thoughtfully about the use of AI, and if we decide to implement AI, we’ll have open conversations with all folks involved.

While the AM was heavy on the legal side, the afternoon leaned more into the creative application of AI. In “Practical Applications: How Established People are Collaborating with AI,” we learned about different tools that can help improve workflows, especially in the post-production space. We walked through AI programs that seem promising in creating efficiencies for editors and post-professionals, especially when it comes to organizing footage and media. While we’re interested in seeing how AI can simplify tasks, we’re also cautious of how it could impact certain production roles - and it’s something we’ll continue to track and stay mindful of.

The Festivities

For as much as we got out of Base Camp. The true gem of AICP was the opportunities we had to connect and catch up with people at various parties, screenings, and events.

A special shout out to Hometeam pal and collaborator Steve McCord who won a AICP Best Cinematography award for his DP work on "Help Us Remain" for Egale. The video can be seen in MoMA’s permanent collection as part of an ongoing archival project with AICP. We’re sending a big congratulations your way!

Left to right: Community & Marketing Manager, Harley Pace-Rodriguez & Hometeam Founding Partner, Harrison Winter // Community & Marketing Manager, Harley Pace-Rodriguez & Director, Drew Vaughan
Left to Right: Hometeam Founding Partner, Harrison Winter & Managing Director & Executive Producer at Invisible Arts, Kit Winter // Community Marketing Manager, Harley Pace-Rodriguez & Hometeam West Coast Rep and President of Rogue Rep, Dave Campbell

As we wrapped out the week at the Gala and took in the beautiful art at the MoMA, we were equally amazed by how many people were in the room. The sense of community was strong and it felt refreshing to feel all the energy around us. As we strolled through the party, we ran into filmmaker friends, former agency colleagues, and intro-ed Hometeam to a few fresh faces. It was definitely a night to remember, and there was overall a feeling of people being glad to be back in the room together.

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